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Pass the CA Special Civil Engineering Exam Fast with our 1,000 Question Simulation Software!

1,000 Total Questions for both Seismic Principles and Engineering Surveying portions of the Exam. The most sample questions in one resource!

You have the Edge! You now have an "insiders view" of the Exam in every detail, in the exact Environment and patterns as test day! Gain Confidence and reduce study time. You are targeting your study efforts by studying exactly the way it will be on the exam, on a computer like the actual exam will be presented. 50 multiple choice questions per exam will be simulated.

"Two Timers" with on/off functions! You have a choice of "per question" timer to track your time usage per question and a "per exam" timer which displays time left for the entire exam. Learn to manage your exam time. Per exam timer set to: 150 minutes per exam.
Per question timer set to 3 minutes per question.

1,000 Total Questions Updated for 2009. Unique Questions, no two questions are the same. No One sentence questions, no "define" questions, no elementary questions. Various Difficulty Levels (Medium to super-hard) Questions. Questions are Situational and Complex. No Easy Questions, NO True/False Questions. Heavy math questions, graphs, pictures, charts included in question stems.

Answer Display Functions. Display the answers after each question or all answers at the end of the exam. Real time practice exam results help reduce study time and effort.

Explanations: The rationale of the correct answer is explained to help you understand why the answer is correct.

Mark for Review Feature. Just like the real exam. Not sure about an answer? Don't let it take up all your time. "Mark it for review" (skip it) and it will display again at the end of the exam.

Results Review. When you have completed the exam your percentage score (70% pass) will be calculated and you will be told whether you passed or failed, just like on exam day.

Print. Print out your results showing the questions and correct answer and study on the go.

Not Online only. This is installable software. No internet connection required to access exams.

Questions created by a 38 Member team of experienced Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, editors, programmers and testers using only the content outlined by CA Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors:
Engineering Surveying Examination:
Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers
Subdivision Map Act, 2008
Surveying 10th Edition, 1997
Surveying: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition, 1998
Surveying with Construction Applications, 2006
Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms, 2005

Seismic Principles Examination:
Design of Wood Structures ASD/LRFD, 2007
2006 Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures
2006 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual, Volume 1
2006 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual, Volume 2
2007 California Building Code, Volume 2 (CCR, Title 24, Part 2, Volume 2)
Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
ATC-20 Procedures for Post earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings and ATC-20-1 Field Manual: Post earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings, 2nd Edition

Seismic Principles Exam Question Content:

Seismic Data and Design Criteria (27% of total problems)

1. Understand earthquake data that influence the design of projects
2. Understand geotechnical issues that may influence design of projects
3. Recognize design performance goals for a project
4. Recognize laws, codes, and standards governing seismic design

Seismic Characteristics of Engineered Systems (24%)

1. Determine appropriate seismic-resisting structural system
2. Recognize seismic performance and damage vulnerability of structures
3. Understand methods for seismic strengthening of existing structures (e.g., buildings and bridges)
4. Recognize seismic requirements for lifeline systems (e.g., power, communications, water and sewage, natural gas, liquid fuels)
5. Understand the seismic requirements for earth structures

Seismic Forces (20%)

1. Determine structural characteristics required to calculate seismic design forces
2. Determine UBC seismic design forces for buildings
3. Determine seismic forces for elements of structure, nonstructural components, and equipment
4. Determine seismic forces for non-building structures (e.g., tanks, towers)
5. Determine seismic forces by the response spectrum method

Seismic Analysis Procedures (18%)

1. Determine the distribution of seismic forces to structural elements based on their rigidities
2. Perform the seismic analysis of rigid diaphragm structures
3. Perform the seismic analysis of flexible diaphragm structures
4. Recognize analytical methods that utilize computers
5. Recognize purposes of nonlinear and inelastic analyses of structural systems

Seismic Design (11%)

1. Understand the detailing requirements that are critical for seismic performance
2. Recognize the need for construction quality monitoring and inspection of seismic design aspects of projects

Engineering Surveying Exam Question Content:

Equipment and Field Activities (15% of total problems)

1. Recognize the purposes of different types of surveys
2. Determine the field survey instruments and equipment required to perform engineering surveying measurements
3. Practice within the laws regulating engineering surveying
4. Recognize common construction surveying methods and procedures
5. Perform field surveying operations for a traverse survey
6. Perform field surveying operations for a horizontal layout

Field Measurements (11%)

1. Perform the measurement of horizontal distances
2. Perform the measurement of angles
3. Perform the measurement of elevations from leveling

Calculations (33%)

1. Perform basic geometric and trigonometric calculations
2. Determine the properties of a horizontal curve
3. Determine the properties of a vertical curve
4. Perform leveling calculations from field data to determine elevations
5. Perform traverse survey calculations to determine point locations
6. Perform error adjustment methods and procedures for surveying measurements
7. Perform rectangular coordinate system calculations
8. Perform calculations to determine quantities of construction materials

Surveying Office Procedures (41%)

1. Perform reduction of field data for plotting
2. Recognize information from legal boundary and easement data pertinent to engineering surveying projects
3. Recognize the use of datums for horizontal and vertical control


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"This program was key in my study efforts and I feel essential to my passing of the exam. It was tough finding good resources to prepare for this exam. Your simulator was key."
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surveying training in school. I hate studying and I'm super busy so this software worked very well for me personally."
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Y. Kim

"I just got my results back from CA and I passed both the Surveying and Seismic exam. Using the product, my scores improved as I used it. I improved in the Office Procedures area which I had struggled with in the past. I even sharpened my slope distances, angle measurements and traverses fundamentals."
N. Allen

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